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& Newton history

[Rev. 10/24/20]

Newton Materials


  • Learning from Successful Strategies (Building a Better Brookline forum, 7/26/20)—How Somerville, MA, and Minneapolis, MN, pursued zoning reform and increasing the supply of affordable housing, from both planning and advocacy perspectives.

Websites, Studies, Reports

  • MAPC (Metropolitan Area Planning Association)

  • Metro Mayors Coalition Housing Compact. "After factoring in the housing demand created by... new workers, the increasing number of senior households, and the changing needs of existing residents, we estimate that the [15 municipalities of the] Metro Mayors Coalition will need to add 185,000 housing units from 2015–2030 in order to meet demand and reduce—or at least stabilize—housing costs."​ [Newton is one of the 15.]

  • MHP (Massachusetts Housing Partnership)

  • TODEX (Transit-Oriented Development Explorer)

  • Supply Skepticism (NYU Furman Center, 2018)—report responding in depth to key arguments of those who doubt increasing supply of market-rate housing will result in housing that is more affordable.

Housing & Zoning Videos

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