Engine 6 supports

Northland Newton

approved 17–7 by City council on 12/2/19

Affirmed by voters—18,450 to 13,398—on 3/3/20


"Newton Votes 'Yes' on Northland Project"

(Newton-Needham Chamber News, 3/4/20)

Yes for Newton's Future

(campaign website)

Yes for Newton—FAQs

Yes for Newton—Supporters

"Could Newton Lead the Way in the Suburbs?"

(Editorial, 3/8/20, Banker & Tradesman)

"Newton and other communities must reform housing approval process"

(Katherine Einstein & Maxwell Palmer, 3/8/20, Boston Globe)

"We shouldn't let perfection be the enemy of the great"

(Jason Korb, 2/29/20, Village 14)

"Newton Voters to Weigh In on Development"

(Councilor Deb Crossley & RightSize spokesman Randy Block, 2/27/20, WBUR Radio Boston)


"Northland Vote Could Impact Economic Development For a Generation"

(Greg Reibman, 2/26/20, Newton-Needham Chamber News)

"With a ‘yes’ vote on March 3, Newton can pave the way to fairer future"

(Editorial, 2/21/20, Boston Globe)

"Newton referendum could have broader implications on development"

(Jon Chesto, 2/16/20, Boston Globe)

"Why I will vote yes for a more sustainable city"

(Councilor Alison Leary, 2/19/20, Newton TAB)

"Why the Chamber Supports the Northland Newton Project"

(Greg Reibman, 2/7/20, Newton-Needham Chamber News)

"Why I support the sustainable village of Northland"

(Halina Brown, 1/28/20, Village 14)

"A Newton that is truly welcoming and sustainable"

(Kathleen Hobson, 12/1/19, Village 14)

Engine 6 Fact Sheet (12/12/19)

Developer Fact Sheet (1/9/20)

Open Letter to Newton Residents from Larry Gottesdiener re Northland

(2/26/20, Newton TAB)

Northland—The Basics

(handy for chance encounters)

City's Northland page

Northland's project website

Mayor Fuller's endorsement


Green Newton endorsement

Engine 6 endorsement

"Greater Boston’s housing shortage is harming local businesses"

(5/1/19 Newton-Needham Chamber video)

League of Women Voters endorsement

U-CHAN endorsement

Selected City Councilor endorsements:

Alicia Bowman

Alison Leary

Andreae Downs, Deb Crossley, and John Rice

Brenda Noel

Jake Auchincloss