Mayor Ruthanne Fuller

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Newton City Council

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David Olson, City Clerk

City Council Committee Assignments

Land Use Committee

    Greg Schwartz, Chair

    Rick Lipof, Vice Chair

    Nadia Khan, Committee Clerk

Zoning & Planning Committee (ZAP)

    Susan Albright, Chair

    Vicki Danberg, Vice Chair

    Donna Whitham, Committee Clerk

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Community Preservation Committee

    Mark Armstrong, Chair

    Alice Ingerson, Program Manager

Newton Housing Partnership

    Lizbeth Heyer, Chair

Planning & Development Board

    Peter Doeringer, Chair

Fair Housing Committee

    Kathy Laufer, Chair

The image in this page's background is a screen shot of the federal Home Owners' Loan Corporation map for Newton and areas east toward Boston, from the interactive website Mapping Inequality: Redlining in New Deal America, a collaboration spearheaded by the University of Richmond's Digital Scholarship Lab.