The Northland Project

(approved 12/2/19 by City Council, affirmed by referendum 3/3/20)

Planning Department Friday Report (4/3/20)

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Newton does not have enough homes (2-page flyer)

Shared Beliefs About Housing in Newton

Engine 6 and its Livable Newton partners participate in a CHAPA (Citizens' Housing and Planning Association) program called the Municipal Engagement Initiative. We wrote this statement to affirm our understanding of the chronic regional housing shortage and our resolve to do something about it.

The character of the neighborhood in Newtonville  (Rev. Howard Haywood, Newton TAB op-ed, 1/21/15)

Greater Boston Housing Report Card 2019 Shows Newton Needs to Produce Much More (7/16/19 Engine 6 summary of Newton findings)

TODEX: Transit-Oriented Development Explorer for Massachusetts (MHP Center for Housing Data)

  • This interactive map allows you to explore housing development patterns across neighborhoods in the MBTA rail system. Click on any station to see a graphic with surrounding housing density levels. Click "Data" tab to sort, filter, and download info for any station, line, or town in the data set.

  • Research suggests a recommended minimum density of at least 10 homes/acre to support rail service. For the Green Line D stations in Newton, the densities are: Chestnut Hill—1.9; Newton Centre—3.2; Newton Highlands—4.0; Eliot—4.2; Waban—2.1; Woodland—3.6; Riverside—2.3.


Mayor Ruthanne Fuller

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Newton City Council

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David Olson, City Clerk

City Council Committee Assignments

Land Use Committee

    Rick Lipof, Chair

    Andrea Kelley, Vice Chair

    Nadia Khan, Committee Clerk

Zoning & Planning Committee (ZAP)

    Deb Crossley, Chair

    Vicki Danberg, Vice Chair

    Nathan Giacalone, Committee Clerk

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Zoning Board of Appeals

    Brooke Lipsitt, Chair

Community Preservation Committee

    Mark Armstrong, Chair

    Lara Kritzer, Program Manager

Newton Housing Partnership

    Lizbeth Heyer, Chair

Planning & Development Board

    Peter Doeringer, Chair

Fair Housing Committee

    Kathy Laufer, Chair

The image in this page's background is a screen shot of the federal Home Owners' Loan Corporation map for Newton and areas east toward Boston, from the interactive website Mapping Inequality: Redlining in New Deal America, a collaboration spearheaded by the University of Richmond's Digital Scholarship Lab.