Since 2013, when the Engine 6 proposal died, we have trained our sights on other housing projects in Newton that faced neighborhood opposition (Hasseltine House, Myrtle Village, Austin Street), and pushed back on efforts that would have inhibited multifamily development (petition to downzone area near Newton Centre T station, tear-down moratorium).

We have written letters to the Mayor, City Councilors, and the Newton TAB, and attended meetings and hearings of the City Council committees (Zoning and Planning, Land Use, Real Property Reuse) and the various citizen advisory boards and committees (Newton Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Board, Newton Housing Partnership, Fair Housing Committee, Community Preservation Committee) that review housing proposals, often giving testimony.

We are continually educating ourselves about fair, diverse, and affordable housing, and are among the founding members of Livable Newton (originally Friends of Austin Street), a coalition of organizations and individuals who advocate for planning and development that makes our city more inclusive, integrated, healthy, and sustainable.